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Web Developments

We have our focus on web based development which includes web based portals, software & apps.

Marketing Social Media

We are certified advertising agency too. We can design and execute the digital campaign.

Project Management

Not only web portals, we also pivot our business towards project management according to industry needs.

Design Service

Are you in need of social designs, brochure, presentations or else? we have solutions for that.

Mobile Messeging

Run your advertising campaign with our promotional push SMS & other related services.

IT Consulting

Our best technology skills and experienced IT consulting will help you to achieve your objective.


Ongoing Projects


Happy Customers


Running Campaigns


Ongoing Consultations

Our Pricing Plan
and Per Hour Charges

We take our work very seriously. We aim to deliver only quality work.


For Long Term Project


  • Per Hour Working & Charges
  • IT Infrastructure Consulting
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Additional Charges Excluded
  • Custom Work Charges Excluded
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For Short Term Project


  • Per Hour Working & Charges
  • IT Consulting
  • Additional Charges Excluded
  • No Marketing Consultation
  • No Custom Work
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge per hour?
The working hours depends on the workflow we have from you. The workflow depends on the functionality. And this functionality depends on what you are looking to achieve. So, the total amount we charge may vary sometimes. It totally depends on the product we are building.
How do you count hours of working on certain project?
We generally echange Google Sheet with you, where we count the working hours everytime we do work on your project. You may see that on some days we worked only for one hour or less, that because we might have more workflow to handle. But don't worry we don't miss the deadline of the project.
What is Long term Project & Short Term Project?
While discussing the project functionalities we offer our clients two options. One, short term project where dead-line will be nearby and we will be working exclusively and will be trying to finish the project as soon as possible. Second, long term project means the project which exceeds at least 45 days to complete. So, if your project is short term project then it might be taking less than 45 days, and for long term project, it will be more than 45 days to complete.
How many hours do you work on projects?
We generally work from 1 hour to 8 hours daily (exclusion of Saturday & Sunday) on short term project because we have dead-line to meet. In long term project we work from 1 hour to 4-5 hours depending on the schedule of other workflow and time-table.
What if there is less than 1 hour of work or a day work?
We offer our client a discount in case of this situation. Generally, we recommend our client to go for short term projects as it might save their money and time too. If your project is less than 20 hours, we do provide discounts which might be around 50 to 60%.